Distribution Channel Incentives: What About the Middle Kid?

Maggie Wenthe
Maggie Wenthe

Consider distribution channel incentives

Manufacturer funding. Customer activity and earning. All that contributes to the ROI story when it comes to distribution channel incentives. But the sweet spot is in between it all… that's you!

Multi-channel distribution companies, listen up! Don’t be a middleman in the pipeline of funds from vendor to customer. You’re losing valuable loyalty for your company. And there’s a much better ROI story to tell. Be the one who answers, “Did this program really work?”

Time to track your incentive spend from various funding sources all the way through customer point usage and expiration. You’ll get a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t. For you and your sponsoring manufacturers.

Think how awesome it would be to have insight on these questions: Did training rewards drive sales? Did that sales activity spurt last quarter move the needle? Did combining some of our programs increase customer loyalty? Did that loyalty translate to increased purchase volume for core vendors?

My company has developed a system to help multi-channel distribution companies increase loyalty and play a more vital role in determining ROI on incentives. Once set up, our clients are tracking and managing all data points—inputs and outputs for their distribution channel incentives:

  1. Funding sources. Track your investments, no matter where they started—vendors or internal departments. 
  2. People. Your audience. Vendors want access to your customers’ time and attention.
  3. Activities. Things like Promotion/Spurt/SPIFF, Training, Webinar, Recognition or Incentive. Whatever your company vernacular is. What behaviors are you rewarding? (These categories matter when proving what works and what you should invest more in.) 

Having tracked and organized this information, you’re in the best place to determine return on investment and return on engagement. 

Our system also uses patent-pending technology to pool points and earnings into one account. With that, you increase the buying power of your participants. The rewards they associate with your programs will be bigger and better than the one-offs and gift cards you‘re forced to use today. Track your vendor dollars like the investment they are, no matter what. Sponsoring manufacturers stay happy and more willing to invest more.

Make the middle matter. Own the tracking and measurement system that helps build loyalty for you and tells the best ROI story for distribution channel incentives.

Maggie Wenthe

Maggie Wenthe

Maggie strives to help the world understand the power behind personalized motivation that aligns people with business goals to drive powerful results. As the leader of Marketing Strategy at ITA Group, she analyzes market trends to develop world-class solutions that help Fortune 1000 companies motivate and engage their employees, channel partners and customers. She is certified through the Incentive Marketing Association, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, as well as Pragmatic Marketing Level VI. Between marketing and three little boys, Maggie doesn't have free time. But when she can find a few minutes, she loves listening to audiobooks on marketing, business and sci fi thrillers.