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Lagging global market share outside of the United States
Achievement of corporate objectives as related to sales growth
Low visibility into which products were actually being sold to the end user

Our client, a high-end communications equipment manufacturer, has been enjoying strong market share in the U.S. However, their current claims program wasn’t making the international impact they hoped for. How could they keep global channel loyalty while connecting with the individuals who influence the end customer’s purchase decision?

Client Objectives

Sales people shaking hands icon
Increase market share by gaining partner sales rep loyalty
channel partner sales growth bar chart
Motivate partner sales reps to focus on achieving overall sales growth
sales reps line-of-sight binoculars icon
Establish a better line-of-sight to the products partner sales reps are actually selling

Our Approach

In today’s marketplace, the competition for sales and market share is intense. To overcome their challenges, our client needed to capture the attention and loyalty of their global independent channel partners while encouraging robust sales growth.

To help our clients accomplish their goals, we recommended a robust channel incentive using automated claims processing to achieve our client’s objectives and ease the administrative burden.

Program Design

After taking the time to understand our client’s business and corporate objectives, we developed a claims program that delivered results in every way.

Take a closer look at how we helped drive channel loyalty and profitability.

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global incentive platform

One easy-to-use, global-friendly incentive platform that benefits participants and stakeholders alike.​

See how a custom-crafted online approach to channel incentives builds momentum.

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apple watch incentive award option

Various countries, languages and award preferences require a truly global solution.

See how we kept global participants engaged through a wide array of awards. 

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That strategy paid off—big time. After only two years of building channel loyalty, our client saw significant gains in sales and program participation. Our annual program analysis continues to shed light on their success as well as areas for improvement.

Scroll down to see what two short years brought our client.

Program Results

Increase in Participants Submitting Claims
Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth
Return on Investment


ITA Group continues to prove that channel incentive programs can align your team, give brand engagement a boost, take sales to new heights and generate an impressive ROI.


Participant Experience

But it’s not all about ROI. A participant’s experience can’t be summarized on a calculator. At ITA Group, we do what we do for the people and companies involved. We help you make an emotional connection with your clients—which gives an incredible framework for success.

  • "The program is right up there with the best of the incentive programs I've participated in." —Top Performing Participant
  • "The claim submissions website is easier than any I've come across." —Top Performing Participant
  • "Not sure there's a way to improve the program. It's easy to understand and do." —Top Performing Participant
  • "The award selection has the whole gamut of everything you could need." —Top Performing Participant

See how you can drive significant sales growth and loyalty in your sales channel with a targeted channel incentive.