Is Your Channel Incentive a Leisure Suit? Be honest.

Maggie Wenthe
Maggie Wenthe

There’s a reason today’s execs aren’t sporting plaid leisure suits and snappy white patent shoes. Those fashion icons have long since been replaced. Many times over. 

Updating to stay fresh and relevant is critical to forward momentum. But when it comes to channel incentives, too many companies are trapped under the burden of dated thought and complacency. Time for business to imitate life. 

Let's raid your channel incentive closet...

  1. Have you stopped asking the tough questions and challenging your vendor/supplier/partner to put new ideas on the table?
  2. Are you agile and responsive to the way your channel partners operate today? 
  3. Are you dusting off the same communication themes and tactics?
  4. Do you know what your channel really thinks of your program? When’s the last time you gauged their interest/activity?
  5. Are your program results really what you expected? Really?
  6. If there’s a better way, why are you still in a leisure suit?

Look, change isn’t easy. We know this. But it’s necessary for the health of your organization. So don’t paralyze growth in your channel with the same dated channel incentive program. Don’t cave to maintaining the status quo. You have a right to fresh technology, strategy, communication, measurement analytics, and certainly results. So do your channel partners. Not only do you both have a right to it, you deserve it. 

Maggie Wenthe

Maggie Wenthe

Maggie strives to help the world understand the power behind personalized motivation that aligns people with business goals to drive powerful results. As the leader of Marketing Strategy at ITA Group, she analyzes market trends to develop world-class solutions that help Fortune 1000 companies motivate and engage their employees, channel partners and customers. She is certified through the Incentive Marketing Association, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, as well as Pragmatic Marketing Level VI. Between marketing and three little boys, Maggie doesn't have free time. But when she can find a few minutes, she loves listening to audiobooks on marketing, business and sci fi thrillers.