Brand Love Affairs and Why They Matter in Incentives

Andrea Ruddy

Brand Loyalty and IncentivesSo maybe, unlike team loyalty in sports, there’s no face and body painting. No smack talking the opponent. No outlandish displays of team colors or goofy mascots. But brand loyalty can be fierce—think about technology, athletic shoes, cola. It’s something incentive award buyers study diligently. And they should.

Consumer behavior and buying patterns don’t just go POOF when your incentive participants shop for awards. Those same trends and habits find their way into award selection. People migrate toward brands they have a history with. And that history isn’t just based on products alone. So many brands have seduced consumers with an entire buying experience. Either way, unless you know the brands your people are loyal to, you’ll never properly motivate them. 

It’s critical to raise eyebrows with plenty of options from the brands people love and have remained loyal to throughout time. Sure, a few new names never hurt, as long as there’s research to back them up—are they creating intrigue and stirring conversation? Are they being talked about and where?

The best award buyers are constantly scouring the market for what’s hot for adults, kids and the five vastly different generations we see in the workplace today. How are global participants embracing various brands? Is a certain brand feeling the love via social media—after all, it can make or break a brand. What is mainstream consumer behavior saying about a brand? Would someone be willing to up their game to get ahold of a product from it?

Whether brand love was passed from generation to generation or built upon years of positive personal experiences, doesn’t matter. It exists and must be respected in the incentive space. Especially because you’re asking your people to work longer, harder and smarter for it.

Andrea Ruddy

Andrea Ruddy

Andrea, a Strategist at ITA Group, has been studying engagement strategy for 15 years. As a high school varsity volleyball coach, motivation is her game. We really dig her.