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Andrea Ruddy
Andrea Ruddy

For me, the greatest joy in the incentive industry is uncovering the mystery of motivation. Specifically, awards that excite. You see, not everyone is motivated in the same way. How boring would that be? This is not a vanilla science. 

When it comes to incentives and recognition programs, there’s really no such thing as a universal award solution. Especially, when dealing with a global audience. 

So have you ever wondered what motivation looks like in organizations around the world? Here’s a 12-month snapshot of how global incentive and recognition program participants are redeeming their earnings in ITA Group’s awards catalog: 

What are the highest value items ordered?

  • Most expensive redemption (non-North America) — Bose® Cinemate Home Theater in the Czech Republic (approximately $2,600 U.S.)
  • Most expensive Canadian redemption — Weber® Summit Grill (approximately $4,000 U.S.)

How do global and domestic tastes differ?

  • The top global product category is Electronics followed by Kitchen — both categories happen to be favorites in the U.S. as well. Health & Fitness comes in third, with fewer domestic redemptions.
  • No surprise, the most popular global merchandise brand is Apple®. Participants redeem for a mixture of MacBooks®, iPads® and iPods® — very similar to the demand we see in the U.S. 

Are there award preferences by country?

  • Participants in Russia love fragrances. 
  • Health & Beauty is a hit in China, with one participant ordering $234 skin cream — Sk-Li Pitera® Miracle Series, to be exact.
  • Indian participants are all about the gift cards — only 4 of 953 redemptions have been for merchandise. Most popular is Croma Retail in India, which is the U.S. equivalent to Best Buy®.

Overall, people in Europe and Canada have very similar behavior to the U.S. — buying popular brands, such as Apple®, Bose®, Fisher-Price®, etc. Asian countries tend to skew more towards health and beauty products and vouchers. South America also loves Apple®, in addition to housewares too.  

Andrea Ruddy

Andrea Ruddy

Andrea, a Strategist at ITA Group, has been studying engagement strategy for 15 years. As a high school varsity volleyball coach, motivation is her game. We really dig her.