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Client Challenges

Team member disengagement
Subpar training certification rates
Underperforming incentive program(s)
Lagging customer satisfaction scores

In a climate where dealer service visits related to automotive recalls is at an all-time industry high, customer satisfaction has a powerful impact on brand loyalty. Because the client's previous customer satisfaction strategy just wasn't cutting it, we set out to find out where to focus in order to put their business on a new path to success.

Client Objectives

Improve J.D. Power Customer Service Index (CSI) Study scores/ranking
Improve J.D. Power Customer Service Index (CSI) Study scores/ranking
Identify efficiencies and streamline operations
Identify efficiencies and streamline operations
Justify and maximize the financial investment
Justify and maximize the financial investment

Our Approach

The potential to make an impact—on employee engagement and team member training, and ultimately on customer satisfaction—was big. Huge. And along with the opportunity came a colossal level of complexity and countless moving parts—from incentive and recognition program strategy to operations to results. So, we approached it from a big-picture perspective, then worked our way in.


We did our homework en route to developing a seamless experience that integrated an assortment of dealer incentives, training certification opportunities and recognition programs.

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Program Design

Simplification is the name of this game. Over the course of five years, we’ve created and continue to streamline what is ultimately a complex engine that fuels service excellence for nearly 900 dealerships nationwide.

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How can you engage your target audience to the point where they not only understand the opportunity but furthermore act on it? Easy—start by telling them about it. And that’s just what we did.

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Simplification is key here, too. Our initial technology solution consolidated various incentive, training and recognition opportunities onto one centralized web platform, offering a single portal for participants and administrators alike.

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Goods. Gear. Experiences. All the hottest rewards the market has to offer, all in one place. The best part? Power of choice for each and every incentive program participant. 

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Measurement & Analysis

It’s a numbers game, and we continuously gauge progress on both large and small scales in order to strategize the best possible solutions.

  • Daily and weekly, ITA Group looks at tactical metrics from unique participant web logins to training completion to customer survey feedback to promotion success rates, and so much more. 
  • Quarterly, the team presents a live, comprehensive findings report analyzing program performance related to customer satisfaction results. 
  • And on a continual basis, we analyze the best possible way to segment and target eligible participant groups with consideration of corporate, industry and market climates.

Scroll down to see how, subjectively and objectively, we continue to drive this manufacturer’s ever-improving results.


Program Results

Point Increase in Overall Customer Service Index Score
Increase in Training Certification
Incentive Program Participants That Log in Weekly


For four straight years (2011–2014), the program has received best-in-class recognition by the preferred provider of aftersales strategic guidance benchmarking for the world’s leading motor vehicle brands.

The program’s strategic communication campaign received a Gold Award (2012) and Platinum Award (2013 and 2014) in the esteemed MarCom International Competition for Marketing and Communication Professionals.


Participant Experience

We’ve told you our story. Now hear it straight from those who matter most: the players of the game. 

  • [It's] a great program. I'm [so] happy with the selection it has and the fun of watching my points stack up. [You continue] to astonish and please in all aspects. -- Program Participant
  • ...An excellent program... [You show] a commitment to rewarding dealership employees on performance both individually and as a team. -- Program Participant
  • Wow, you guys rock. [This opportunity] is an awesome promotion and will keep us on track. Very cool incentive. -- Program Participant