The Advantage of Bringing Your Marketing Agencies Together

Max Kenkel
Max Kenkel

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If you’re a Fortune 1000 company, the odds are pretty good that you work with many marketing partners. You probably have a digital agency, someone who helps with tradeshows, ad placement—maybe even someone who helps with phone call tracking.

Depending on your needs, different agencies might play single or multiple roles within your organization.

So you’re bringing your agencies together on a regular basis, right? This might occur anywhere from once to as many as four or five times each year. If you are currently doing this, GREAT!

If you aren’t currently bringing your agencies together, then keep reading to discover why you should start.

Keep everyone on the same page (and working for you).

If every agency you work with is in the same room, they all hear the same message. The more aligned the message, the more cohesive the output. A quarterly cadence allows for all teams to be planning for the next year’s initiatives, hearing the same messages from you the whole time.

Your business changes fast.

From day-to-day and quarter-to-quarter, your business is changing. There are market drivers you need to react to. There are product demands and constraints that necessitate creative solutions.

Bringing your agencies together for regular touch points means the ability to have great minds and expertise in a captured environment, focusing on solution for your business issues.

Consistency breeds collaboration.

If you are new to this game, everyone will be cagey the first couple times they come together. It’s like when your aunt brings her new boyfriend to Christmas. The first family gathering can be a little awkward but after a few birthdays and maybe Thanksgiving everyone’s having a laugh and playing cards together.

These meetings are the same. The first few you have will be awkward. People will be cordial but guarded. But, once they realize it’s not a battle royale, your agencies will start to brainstorm and likely, even work together, bringing consistently themed push-pull strategies to the table.

Get to know your teams where you have the control.

When we come to town, we always want to take clients to dinner or drinks. It’s where we can have meaningful conversations face to face and really connect with the client.

But if you have all of your agency partners in town, it’s your chance to control the narrative, and arrange activities that drive your initiatives forward. This is also where your agency partners will start to gel. Get them out of the office and get them into situations where they have to mingle and get to know each other, and you will start to see magic during your all agency meetings.

There’s no drawback.

Any time you can foster cohesion and a unified strategy with your agency partners, you win. It makes sense for all of your traditional marketing firms to join, but consider inviting your incentive partner to the table. If you sell through an independent channel, chances are your incentive partner collects critical data which can be used to attribute lift to your other marketing efforts. Getting your incentive partner to the table leads to better cohesion, not only among your field and channel but your customers as well.

If you would like more information on how you can leverage all agency meetings with your marketing and media partners, reach out. I’m happy to talk through it and share what I’ve seen that works and what to avoid.


Max Kenkel

Max Kenkel

Max’s favorite work pastime is looking at data and figuring out how companies can monetize it. He even does it with his band, by looking at Spotify heat maps and targeting shows in cities with higher volumes of streaming. He firmly believes that you can make a decision based on intuition, but it’s a lot easier to justify it to the shareholders when you can back it up with data. He really does like talking about leveraging data, and quoting Star Wars.