The 3 Most Important Traits of Workforce Motivation Software

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The business of motivation is always changing, but the last five years have been an especially exciting time.

Incentives, CRMs and gamification have merged together, and, in doing so, have brought a fresh approach to the traditional business of incenting a company’s sales and distribution channels.

But all of that new technology has brought about a wide variety of choices of CRMs—and each one brings different benefits. And, once you’ve picked it, you have hundreds of apps that go alongside it. Each promises increased adoption, performance and value with your sales team.

Frustrating, right?

To ease these headaches when picking the right software for you, consider these three traits of a powerful, cloud-based workforce motivation software.

It’s Consolidated

So you’ve got a CRM. The dashboards are built and workflows are redefined for marketing, sales and operations. You’ve got the world on a string—until the complexities slow everything down.

Consolidating all of your data and people into one platform is the best way to remove those speedbumps. With a centralized platform ready for native applications, you’re fully prepared to leverage your investment.

If you’re looking for some help with this, consider a partner who brings an agnostic approach to integration, and make sure they’re capable of leveraging their technology wherever your people are.

It’s Focused

When Twitter launched, many people were completely lost. Why were the messages so short? Who am I sending this to? What’s with the #s and @s? People scoffed—until it became the driving cultural force it is today.

With the sheer volume of content online, effective communication needs to be short and focused. If you've made the investment into an automated sales workflow, an outside motivational layer that competes for your channel’s attention can cause problems.

Integrate your incentive solution right inside your CRM, from communications to awards and experiences for a job well done. Switching from your CRM to external programs that manage communications or awards keeps your team involved—and prevents the loss of valuable time from switching between them.

It’s Customizable

Technology is great, but it’s not a cure-all. And it’s not a universal, one-size-fits-all solution.

Each business has its own specific challenges when it comes to segmenting and motivating their distribution channels. That’s why you need a technology partner that handles more than the creation of an app and seat licenses.

You need a partner with the experience to understand your objectives—someone to recommend the right mix of products and services to achieve those desired results, all within your budget.

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