Make Your Company a Great Place to Work With Employee & Corporate Events

Internal events break through the day-to-day work in ways that excite, inspire and celebrate your people while reinforcing your culture and traditions.

Celebrate What Makes Your Company (And People!) Great

Memorable Event Experiences Unite & Motivate Your People

Employees aren’t always located in the home office—it’s important everyone gets the same message around employer mission, vision, purpose, values, Employer Value Prop and more. No matter where they’re located.

Decades of experience in live, virtual and hybrid event management help us design intentional event experiences that encourage employees to connect with each other, emphasize employer brand messages and show why your company is a great place to work.

Attendees walk away feeling more informed, appreciated and valued, ensuring they stick around for the long term.

Company-sponsored events are 1.3x more predictive of retention than compensation

—MIT Sloan Management Review

Boost Excitement & Create FOMO With Communications

In-house experience designers get to know your audience and objectives, then develop creative theming and engaging communications to generate momentum and connect attendees with your brand leading up to the event.

examples of employee event communications
woman scanning attendee QR code at event

Mitigate Risk Throughout the Event Process

An easy way to protect your company reputation is keeping people safe on site through risk mitigation and scenario planning. We’ll manage the upfront contracting, protocols and on-site management so you don’t have to worry about the details.

Make the Most of Your Budget & Justify Continued Investment

Getting buy-in for internal events often requires extra rationale for a long-term investment. We help you invest in the right areas, make the most of your budget by tracking defined goals and metrics upfront and measure impact through pre-and post-event analysis.

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Client Stories

Employee & Corporate Events Helped Our Clients Connect With & Recognize Their Employees

An Elite Event Recognizes Employees for Outstanding Service

How celebrating top performers creates emotional connections and reinforces the importance of customer experience.

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Delivering a Clear, Unified Message With an Immersive Employee Event

ITA Group’s 3-day sales conference, punctuated by a corporate-wide business meeting and evening event, is an annual event designed to unify and inspire. To educate and engage. And ultimately, to connect team members with specific business objectives for the year ahead.

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Employee Event Experience Unites & Leads to Organizational Goal Achievement

Adding creativity and personalization to an already unique employee event inspired unprecedented teamwork and led our client to reach an aggressive 5-year goal.

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Combining Top-Performer Incentives & a Training-Focused Virtual Event for Big Impact

How one Fortune 50 global technology brand engaged their best channel reps virtually to recognize performance and develop sales skills focused on business outcomes instead of technical features.

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