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A Holistic Employee Wellbeing Program Can Transform Your Bottom Line

Because employee disengagement continues to plague organizations far and wide, Strive5: The Whole Employee Solution by ITA Group re-engages your people for the long-term. How? By using a single employee engagement platform to target the five key areas that affect their health and wellbeing: Performance, Career, Wellness, Social and Community. Strive5’s proprietary technology supports ongoing data aggregation from your recognition, performance and wellness initiatives to provide unprecedented visibility into your overall success.


An Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Solution Designed Just for You

As motivation experts, we rely on proven experience and Motivology®, our exclusive brand of motivation, to create a foundation for your employee engagement and wellbeing solution strategy. ConneX Suite brings the strategy to life by tactically connecting global audiences with solution goals and objectives. The result? Authentic, lasting emotional connections that drive your business forward. 


Increasing employee engagement by just 1% has the potential to unlock $20 million in operating income for a $5B organization.


See the Results Generated by Our Approach

Within our own walls at ITA Group, we took employee engagement and wellbeing to new heights.

Results of Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Solution

Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Solution Results