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Data Analytics & ROI


Getting to the heart of what makes your initiatives work effectively can be a challenge.


It’s not enough to rely on gut instinct. To be successful, you need solid analytics that justify your investment and guide your strategy.

In-depth data analysis and a strategic approach are at the heart of every successful solution. When you know precisely how every cent of your initiative is funded, earned and spent, you prove its value to your key stakeholders and executives.

The ability to prove ROI isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity for acute decision-making. Insight into your spend opens the door to significant increases in program and bottom-line growth. From simple reporting, where you can run your own analytics, to robust assessment and analyses depending upon your corporate requirements and core objectives—what you use depends on your own resources and how a partner like ITA Group can help.




Only 14% of companies use ROI as a measurement for success in their recognition program. — WorldatWork

ROI is the single most important tool for a meeting professional. In today’s economy, with more and more meeting professionals answering to their procurement office, the emphasis on ROI has never been more important. — MPI Foundation


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