Tactical & Action-Oriented Channel Strategy & Consulting

Our consultative approach uses cutting-edge research, data analysis and intel gathering. From there, tailored recommendations bring tangible business impact like sales growth, higher engagement, increased loyalty and a simplified partner experience.

Transform Your Channel Programs With Actionable Strategies

Practice Areas & Insights Address Your Needs

Sales Improvement

You’ll get recommendations on the best ways to grow sales and market share with your indirect audience. A channel incentive assessment looks at your program’s current rule structure, earning data and existing sales history, coupled with behavioral analysis.

See It In Action: We analyzed 12 months of sales data to help a leading financial services provider effectively engage their channel and drive optimal results. We recommended a shift to segmented earning structures and goals paired with spurts to combat seasonal sales declines. The result was higher dealer performance. Learn More >

Enablement & Training

The right enablement for your growing ecosystem will make you the vendor of choice. Our path-to-purchase study identifies customer buying patterns that help create and prioritize the right content to gain traction and help your partners deliver the best customer experience.

See It In Action: Understanding customers’ purchasing behaviors and values helped our technology client grow market share and loyalty in the small business segment. Findings from the research guided recommended product optimizations, enablement and training opportunities in both pre- and post-sale to create better customer experiences and achieve results. Learn More >

Program Innovation & Best Practices

You’ll be 100% confident on where to invest time, resources and improvements by using a combination of partner feedback, ITA Group expertise and program data analysis. Innovative, proactive recommendations like earning structure, communication tactics, additional incentives and more will make the partner process as easy as possible, while generating maximum engagement to remain relevant in your industry.

See It In Action: We helped an automotive parts distributor gain significant insights into their store performance by analyzing purchasing behavior and standards program participation. Together, we built a plan for a new incentive program structure focused on store profile versus store sales to better target owners with standards and incentive initiatives. Learn More >

Partner Experience (PX)

Digging deeper into the partner experience pinpoints areas of complexity to simplify, benefits to keep or cut and make-or-break moments. All with the goal of improving the experience and winning loyalty from your downline channel.

See It In Action: When a materials and construction business wanted higher engagement from their partners, we recommended UX and PX assessment to identify gaps and know exactly what contractors wanted from the program. The findings led to program improvements phased in over time, resulting in higher participation, claiming and sales.

Program Simplification

A refreshed, consolidated channel program strategy helps overcome complex, legacy or lagging programs by activating new and existing partners. Plus, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re making the right changes and updates based on partner-centric behavioral analysis, program benefits research and UX and PX assessments.

See It In Action: A top manufacturer’s legacy channel partner incentive program needed a refresh to keep up with and beat the competition. We supported with a program assessment, data analysis and modeling, competitive intel and participant interviews. The program overhaul led to 26% increase in sales, 34% increase in units sold and 24:1 ROI. Learn More >

Partner Mindshare

Running a lean channel marketing team? A strong communications plan focuses on earning partner wallet share, preference and loyalty. When you communicate more clearly, frequently and with relevance, partners increase engagement and keep your brand top of mind.

See It In Action: A legacy automotive program needed to breathe new life into their communication touchpoints. We designed a communications strategy by understanding the program phases and tying communications to the brand’s values. From there, specific touchpoints along the journey created a consistent message and experience, cultivating a culture beyond just incentives.

Competitive Intel

No more losing market share or fighting to keep up with competitors. The right mix of research on competitors, buyers’ journeys, customer segments and partner sentiment shows how to evolve, innovate and invest while aligning with corporate objectives.

See It In Action We helped a leading automotive manufacturer uncover and analyze competitive insights to justify program spend and modifications. After the program modifications, enrollment and engagement hit an all-new highThis helped them earn sales they’ve never gotten previously, successfully stealing market share. Learn More >


Advanced segmentation helps you overcome channel complexity and lagging partner motivation. Industry-specialized analysts look at your data, third-party data and your goals to identify key segments, including behavioral design tactics to motivate each group.

See It In Action: A leading manufacturer needed to overcome two challenges: reaching an audience spread across nearly 900 dealerships nationwide; and justifying the existing incentive investment. Our data experts analyzed program history, audience details and existing structures, which led to recommending new segmentation and program design, promotions, and stretch goals. Learn More >

Voice of the Partner

A consistent and actionable voice of the partner practice continually pulse checks your channel to know exactly how they feel about your program and what matters to them. Voice of the partner practice lends itself to better program improvements, strengthened by our team’s expert insights and behavioral analysis. A bonus is gathering competitor intel, wallet share, motivation tactics, support, marketing materials and more.

See It In Action: A leading automotive client implemented ongoing survey questions to keep a pulse on the partner experience and motivation, and fill in gaps in demographic and firmographic details. The use of progressive surveys (show a new single question at each login) helped our client learn more about what motivates their participants and how much the program influences them, as well as gain feedback on training and where to invest for future additions. Learn More >

Our Approach to Actionable Channel Strategy & Consulting

A combination of four elements fuel our consulting and strategy work. Clients may use all or only one—whichever best fits their consulting needs.  

Gathering New Intel

Surveys, focus groups, interviews, studies and bespoke research

Analyzing Existing Data

Audits, assessments, gap analysis, data review and segmentation work

Facilitating Workshops

Co-creation, ideation, workflow and educational sessions

Designing & Mapping

Expert interpretation, content recommendations, actionable design and journey mapping

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